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Precio/Price/Prezzo:     130€    
"¡De pronto el viento!" 2012  

"Suddenly the wind! "


Acuarela, pastel,carboncillo y tinta S/ papel 32x24 cms

Watercolor,pastel,chacroal & Ink on paper 12 ½ x 9 3/8 inches




"Suddenly the wind! "

"The buildings are not static. They feel too and react to the enviroment, time and people activities. They watch us for decades and centuries. They are part of the city and characters of its history. Indoor the humans come to live and die. In the squares, streets and parks spent their short lifes. Sometimes the buildings try to comunicate their feelings and empathy but people don't understand. They don't know that sometimes buildings care for them".

Carlos Pardo.




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