Tips & Conditions

Please read carefully  
  NOTE Please pay attention to this:  

Some of the paintings may be sold, for sale at an exhibition or temporarily lent just when you are browsing this page. It could not be registered on the web yet, because that please ask for fresh information about the paintings you are interested in, without any obligation. Your e-mail will be complied with on a strict first come-first serve basis.




If destination place is in Spain, depending on price,weight and measure of artwork, in 85% cases, the posting costs can be free!.

In my answer to your petition of information about the painting , as you indicate the place of posible destination, I'll tell you if shipment is FREE! (it will be sent through the Spanish Post, Correos y Telégrafos de España(blue parcel type of shipment).


Don't forget that If you purchase two or more works, you will benefit from interesting discounts.If you have already bought one of my paintings mark this option in the form... You get a discount for sure!


  Consulta personalmente en el espacio"Comentario" del formulario  
  You have two options:  
  1. Paintings with "Buy Now" button ("COMPRAR AHORA ") of PayPal: you can buy directly through Pay Pal using your credit card. Click on PayPal button and follow the established steps there .It is sure& fast with Paypal warranty.  
    2. To obtain more information or buying other paintings, follow the steps I indicate right below:  
    1st Fill in the gaps in the form. The painting reference number, its possible destination (place) -in order to calculate the posting costs- and your e-mail.  
    2nd Click on Send button,and that's it!.  
    3rd   In a few days, you will get my answer about::  
        -Whether it is still available.  
      -Price of the painting + shipment cost in each case.  

If the artwork is this moment at an Exhibition or in a Gallery, the fixed price must be applied. I will tell you where and when the exhibition is and dates of the Exhibition; I will include phone number and e-mail address. Anyway telling me your purchasing is enough. I´ll manage the booking and shipment of the the artwork to the place you prefer.

    4th   Once you get the information, send your answer with your order.You will only have to make clear:  
      -What paintings you wish to purchase, according to the information previously provided.  
      - The way of payment you prefer: Cash on Delivery, Deposit or Bank Transfer to the account number provided when you decide about your purchase, or an Order Cheque.  
  Except that you prefer cash on delivery, the order is served, after being paid for, through any courier of your choice; if you do not specify any, it will be sent through the Spanish Post, Correos y Telégrafos de España with the corresponding fee at the time of postage.(  
    If you are not satisfied with the real artwork purchased I´ll refund your money.If you choose to send it back you have ten (10) days from the reception ship and you have to pay the postage. Please pack it in the same packaging. When the painting arrive back I´ll refund the amount you paid for the piece to the bank account you let me know by e-mail or by letter fixed in the back side of the painting.  
Thank you a lot for trusting in